Scream Queen Candles 160z

Scream Queen Candles 160z


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Scented handmade candle/black vinyl appearance with a frosted type coating. 160z

Pennywise - Scent: Harvest moon: Juniper berries/spruce/douglas fir/notes of fresh pears/pineapple/cedar&musk
Jigsaw - Scent: Twilight Haunting: Citrus Highlights/warm woody tones of Cedar & Oak/fresh floral tones & soft woodland scent
Freddy - Scent: Pumpkins & Bourbon: Bourbon & Pumpkin notes/Maple Brown Sugar/Cinnamon

*These are handmade and are not made of perfection but of love for crafting. The vinyl can peal off most products, however a design will remain due to the frosted glass. Beads, scents and other additives may change due to product availability in the future. Candles are sold as is, there is no promise of a strong scent from the candles, though each candle has premium scents added.*

Thank you so much for enjoying my dreams and journey of Crabtree Creations NY